Monday, September 15, 2008

Simply Sunday

It is now the third Sunday that I have completed Sans the Hubby, and let me tell you, they never seem to get easier.

Church went fairly well this week, actually. The kids were well behaved in Sacrament. Poor Frog Prince got more than he bargained for when Boy threw up all over him though. I was holding Boy, and all the sudden he burped and threw up easily half his bottle all over my skirt and the front of himself. Then Frog Prince lets out a shriek (which of course was right in the middle of a quiet moment in the meeting) and points to his nice black corduroy pants; there is vomit all through the grooves of the fabric and pooling on top of his loafers. I couldn't help but burst into silent laughter... Poor little Frog that he is, he just sat there and stared in horror, unsure what to do. I managed to get all three of us cleaned up quickly enough, and without laughing too hard.

Sheepie did much better today during Nursery than he did last week, which was a blessing because a member of our Stake (city wide church leadership) Primary Presidency decided to stop by and evaluate/check up on my class. I think it went fairly well considering I had another substitute in there helping me instead of a real teacher. I also had a little boy who was new to class and wasn't very happy about being there, and a little girl who's parents left her by herself in class (the shy girl we've been working on) for the first time. We did end up having to take her back to her parents though, because she was crying so hard she started to throw up. The other little boy calmed down quickly and by the end of class was very involved and smiling. Sheepie still didn't want to be involved in singing time, but instead of screaming his head off this time he just moved his chair to the window and sat quietly by himself. I can live with that, as long as he's not interfering with my teaching.

After church we rushed home so that I could get dinner made in time for my in laws to come over for supper. I made pot stickers, carrots steamed with garlic and onion, Asian inspired salad, and watermelon (that actually didn't get served because upon cutting into it, even though I bought it only the day before, it was all squishy and icky... grrrrr). It's always an adventure having that many people-- something like 10+ -- in my house at one time, but the food turned out well and the kids love having their cousins around, so yeah....

After the in laws all went home the kids and I broke from our usual rule of no 'non churchish' videos on Sundays and had the movie night I had originally planned for Saturday night. They didn't get it on Saturday because they refused to clean up their room before bed, and missed out. But come Sunday morning Frog Prince started cleaning it up all by himself, without being asked, and got Sheepie to join him. And then when it was time to clean up with their cousins they did very well, and willingly finished off the last little bits by themselves after their cousins left. Having done so well, and having made me so proud I popped in, Winnie the Pooh and a Huffelupump Halloween, or something like that (the movie we rented the night before) and we sat down with our special little treats and had a movie night.

It was off to bed after that, and everyone went quite nicely... Poor Sheepie had it rough though and I couldn't help but laugh (lovingly, of course!) at him. He got up from sleeping to go to the bathroom and in his sleepiness cut his toe somehow on the door. Well, when he stopped crying a bit, he started demanding that I talk to the door. When I asked him what I needed to talk to the door about, he said, " Consequences, mommy! Tell him his consequences for hurting me, Mommy." I told him I would get right on it after I stopped giggling.

He also wanted to sleep with Boy last night, and was so adamant about it, he willingly spent the entire night laying on the floor next to his crib, since I told him it wasn't safe to sleep in the crib with the baby. What a sweet kiddo he can be at times!

So, that's it folks... I am finally caught up and current on my daily updates. Everyone 'oh' and 'ah' in amazement.

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Allanna said...

Woo-hoo for you!! Isn't it nice to be all caught up in something?
(this is why I'm paying more attention to the fact that I've made the guest bed [aka - Kids' trampoline] and am ALMOST caught up with the dishes rather than looking at my pile of TBR books and the bed COVERED in laundry. ^_^)

But it sounds like you had a wonderful evening, except for the toe-thing.