Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Hobbsies

Hobbes-- or Hobbsies as we all call him-- is Sheepies special lovie and his best friend. It has been a long road getting there, and there have been many bumps in their friendship (including Sheepies brief forays with a monkey named George and a Rabbit named Peter) but after three years of working at it, the two have arrived at that sacred place one calls, 'Best Friends'. Hobbes often goes places with us, can always be found wrapped in Sheepies arms at night, and increasingly, with the absence of Hubby, can be found playing 'daddy' to his little tiger brother, Morton.

Apparently, Saturday was Hobbsies birthday. Happy Birthday Hobbsies!!!

Sheepie came in, after cleaning the house that morning, and announced that we needed to throw his tiger a birthday party, because it was his birthday. Well, how can you refuse that? Especially since he'd found a birthday candle while he was cleaning the cupboard fronts in the kitchen, (the candle was in one of the drawers he was cleaning the front of).

Having baked blueberry muffins that morning, I pulled one out, and we put the candle in and I tried to sing. Sheepie stopped me an told me it had to be lit... Okay! He also said that Hobbsies needed a birthday present, so he ran to his room and a few minutes later emerged with something rapped in his fireman bag. With the candle now lit, and a present ready we sat Hobbes down in Boy's high chair and sang to him.

He then got to blow out his candle (it should be stated that Hobbes is actually three years old...) and had I not snapped the picture when I did, and quickly blown out the candle, the poor tiger would have ended up with a very burnt nose. As it is, he is a little singed from Sheepie face panting him into it.

He then got help, from Sheepie, cutting his cake

Finally, we watched him open his present, which turned out to be his very own, 'Bob the Tomato' doll. Can't you tell he likes it. I'd say all and all it was a very good birthday party, and Hobbsies and Sheepie had a great time!

That evening I had plans to go out to supper with my mother in law, her mother, and my sister in laws at a great place down town called the Strega. Well, in getting ready for the babysitter, I realised something terrible-- I had no formula. I had let the one canister I had run completely out, believing that I had another one in storage. Sadly, I had forgotten that Sheepie had decided to (and by now you will start to notice a pattern with my kids) dump it all over my bathroom and down the toilet. Sooooo..

Off to the store we rush, where I am met with the most unhelpful and dim store clerks that have ever graced the face of the earth, and naturally it was when I was running really really late to pick up the babysitter. However, we managed to get through it and I arrived to supper before the dinner order had been taken.

Strega is a great fusion style restaurant that is located in one of the few truly multi-leveled buildings in the town. It takes up the fifth and sixth floors of a new building with luxury condos and a premier day spa. It reminds me of several places that The Hubby and I have eaten in Portland, so it's fun to see something a little less stuff and more modern finally arriving in Corvallis.

That night, after all the women of the family had returned to their respective homes, my brother in law--who owns a rooter service company-- came over to help me fix something with the base of the toilet before I could install the new one I bought. Much to my pleasant surprise, I came out from putting the kids to bed and found that he had gone ahead and installed the whole toilet for me! Huzzah! Sadly though, when I went to put the seat on it, I discovered it was defective, so we spent the night leading up to Sunday with no toilet seat. Strangely no one but me seemed to mind... guess that's what happens when you live in a house full of boys!

Finally, lest Boy be forgotten of late.... I have been trying to snag a picture of Boy sitting up on his own, but he is more stubborn than a box of nails, so I haven't been met with great success. This is really the best I could manage. He is sitting up, unsupported, on my lap.

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Allanna said...

I guess your thighs got quite the workout, then? :P

And I'm so amazed that Boy is such a total mix of your and your Mr. Husband! I look and I'm all, "That's from Katie, yup. But THAT, no, that's from Ben! ... ad nauseum. ^_^)

And I'm very glad to hear that Hobbes had a lovely birthday. Any day with one of your blueberry muffins is a wonderful celebration, indeed.