Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dinosaur, Dinosaur, So Lonely and Shy

So, Tuesday was a long day (with sadly, not too much to report).  All three boys were in full swing with their colds, and hacking their heads off, when they woke up. Not so very good.  Sadly, they ended up having to stay home from school.  You never win points toward being the coolest mom at the school if you send your kids to class dripping with snot and hacking their brains out.   So the ickles stayed home.

This kind of put the kibosh on my running while they were at school; something I am not happy about at all, because I have decided that I am sick of looking like I am still five months pregnant (or have just had a baby—I can’t decide which is worse). The moral of the story though, was that no running was involved in Tuesday, and that was just a bit sad.

Well, more accurately I should say, there was no running involved with me. Frog Prince and Sheepie decided that the perfect thing to do while sick would be to dress up in every single costume they own. If you’ve ever been to my house, or met me in real life, you will know what a sucker I am for costuming and making costumes. We have heaps and heaps of costumes; so naturally, this activity took up most of the day.  The running came into play when they dressed up as Dinosaurs and announced that they’d be having, ‘Dino Races’ all afternoon.  So glad they were home sick… lol.

This is actually the outfit Sheepie wore for his first Halloween

It's supposed to cover the whole body

And he takes the lead...

Really, that sums up our Tuesday; I can’t even remember what we had for dinner because it’s just that exciting. I’ve been trying to keep it really low key, because I tend to get sick rather easily (which doesn’t seem all that fair since I eat the healthiest and am most health conscience of our family and my husband never gets sick!!) If I get sick right now, I think I’d cry a bit… But Heavenly Father seems to understand and has the tender mercy to have kept me healthy.

Boy had his shining moment of glory as well today.. He used his first sippy cup! No trouble at all, it seems, because I had to walk away for a minute to check on the homemade apple juice I was making, and when I got back he was just happily laying there holding on to it and drinking his heart out. Great work, Boy!

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