Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tuesday, Schools Day!!

Aren't my post titles just the lamest.. LOL.. I always feel compelled to put the day of the week in there somewhere, so that you know what day I am talking about.

Tuesday was the kids second day of school for the year, and they were stoked.... It was all about getting ready that morning. Lately Frog Prince has been trying to sneak out to watch a lot of TV and so I have been having to turn the power strip that all our TV stuff is plugged into, off. Well Tuesday was the day he finally figured out what I was doing. That morning alone I turned the TV off at least a half a dozen times.

Tuesday morning was also the morning I realised I am steadily becoming more and more disenchanted with my dogs. Leia isn't so bad, and is quickly learning her commands and using them. Spyder however still doesn't even respond to her name, and Chews everything!!! I mean everything. She has tried to chew up the fence we just put in.. she chews any bowl I set her water and food in that's not metal, and I just went out there to discover that she has destroyed my garden hose nozzle. So between that and the constant digging, I am really not liking her so much these days. And to add to the irony of this last paragraph, as soon as I was done typing it, the cities code enforcement officer just knocked on the door to let me know someone had called to complain about dogs barking... he said he wasn't sure if it was our dogs or not... but that he just wanted to remind us about the dog barking ordinances. Anyway... back to the day!

The older boys went off to school and Boy and I went to my friend Nikki's house to talk about something we were going to be doing that evening. Her eldest child is in the kids class, so she had about the same amount of time to kill as I did. So we chatted for a while, and then I went back to pick up the kids from school and head home.

While the boys played I set to work making up examples of my dinner calenders and menus, along with a selection for easy recipes that can be made in under 30 minutes... Then the boys and I spent the afternoon playing and doing a very failed quiet time. hehe

After quiet time the older boys got to go to my friend Katie's house to be babysat for a few hours and play with their friend, Lily, from church/school. While they were over there, I had the opportunity to take the things I had prepared earlier that day over to a lady in my ward's house and help her set up dinner schedules and lists of easy meals she could make. This way it would be a bit easier for her to spend time with her three kids and still not have to stress about dinner/meal planning.

On my drive home from this woman's house I marvelled at how far she come from just the first time I went over there and helped her with things like making a daily schedule and helping her learn to juggle three boys... I also used the time to consider what I could perhaps help her with the next time we got together....

When we got home everyone was promptly sent off to get ready for bed, and after talking with my Hubby for a while I too was ready to crash... It was a much longer day than I write about, but then again... aren't they all.

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