Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Day in the Life: A Photo Essay


The day starts out like any other.... Boy wakes up, talks to all of his dollies, cuddles into his blankie, and then beats on the door until he is to be let out.

This is the classic, just woke up look that says, "Why are you pointing that thing at me?"

'I've closed the tray... why isn't there breakfast on it yet?'

Breakfast is served, the older kids are shipped off to school, and Boy now up and going begins his daily adventures.

Never missing a chance to sit on the potty (or mug for the camera, for that matter), Boy smiles happily, at his first real successful attempt. When asked how it made him feel, his only reply was, "cheeeeeeeese."

Now that his business is done, I find the Boy in his native environment.... messing up anything and everything he can get his hands on. It is important to note that his brothers room was clean when they left for school.

Later:Siblings once more restored home, lunch was served and everyone was happy... so happy that I found this lovely scene.

'Just have to keep it clean mom....' (and no, thankfully he's not actually eating the brush).
After watching a little post school TV with the "Biggies" (our family term for the older pair of kids) Boy decides it's time to be up and about again. Where should I happen to find him heading, you might ask?

The wild Boy is caught once more attempting to stalk his prey: the bathroom! Sadly, he and his trusty sidekick blankie never made it past the lady with the camera.... so sad!

Finally after the end of a long day, Boy seems to be wearing down... the wobbling stance and glassy eyes are a dead give away, even though when interviewed for this essay the subject adamantly denied any tiredness involved.

Jammies are once more dawned, supper is offered, and after that it will be off to dreamland.... until the sunrises again, and then where the subject and his faithful blanket will go, only time will tell.

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Allanna said...


And I'm glad that he's (1) NOT eating the toilet brush and (2) eating a corn dog. (From all your delicious food descriptions, I was starting to feel a little guilty that my kiddos are eating so much processed food. ... Seriously, what is IN Mac 'n' Cheese? CRACK COCAINE?? :P)