Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Farewell to Summer

We've had so much fun wishing farewell to Summer that I guess I've just not had time to sit down and blog about it....Seeing as this was our last summer with kids who were not inhibited by summer camps, school, or other things, we were making the most of our children's young childhoods...

Don't let that Dino catch you 'Bat'Boy.

Hiking trails across the Street from Winco.

I love having a camera that can capture such
brilliant colours.

1 comment:

Allanna said...

Wow, the SKY in that last picture of you ... WOW.

Looks like you're doing awesomely!
(I'm still going to miss you at storytime this fall. *sigh* We'll just have to actually plan times to get together or something. ^_^)