Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tillamook+the zoo=love

At our house we love Tillamook Cheese. I mean we really really love it. We also love the zoo. So you can understand why putting the zoo and Tillamook cheese together would be a perfectly logical and amazingly awesome match to our family.

Needless to say, because of this love, I decided to take the boys up to the zoo one day when the good folks from Tillamook Cheese Factory were there as part of their 100th Birthday celebrations.

Yes my friends, you read that right, I did take all four boys to the zoo by myself, and yes we rocked the world while we were there!!!
( I even managed to make my way into a picture while I was at it!)

Cool, Funky pictures of Boy checking out the sea lions...

This cave is located just outside the hippo exhibit and has become a tradition, in our family, to be photographed in at each zoo trip. I wonder how many years it will be before all my boys are too big to be crammed in there together?

On this day, since they all had cow hats (Boy took his off before getting out of his stroller) they were pretending to be dairy cows, and waiting for people to pass by before jumping out and mooing at them. I think they managed to actually startle a few people, even though it's a fairly conspicuous cave.

Sorry kiddos, no matter how much Wheaties you eat, I don't think you'll ever be as big as the Polar Bears.

The day was great, and everyone had a blast... it even had a nice late summer's sprinkle right as we were leaving, that cooled everyone off nicely. Twinkle Toes is a little heat box when in his baby wrap, so I particularly loved the rain.

The ride home was the greatest adventure though, because it took over 2 1/2 hours to get home, when normally it's about an hour and half tops to get there or back. There was some sort of wreak or something that had traffic literally standing still for as far as I could see (and I was at the top of a hill). I didn't move for nearly 10 minutes at one point. Not wanting to ruin our awesome day by having a car full of cranky kids and a starving baby I decided to get off and cut over to 99w (which is a longer more rural highway the runs the length of the valley) to head home. It would be longer, was my thought, but at least it was moving.... Move yes, but very very slowly. Apparently they were doing road work in five, count them five, places along 99W, so it was a long, slow, mind gruelling trip home. Thankfully, everyone but myself (obviously) slept most of the trip home, so the day wasn't ruined.... just one very tired mommy when we finally tumbled through the door at nearly seven PM.

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lacy said...

kodos to you for taking them all by yourself you are super mom