Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oh the colours, the colours....

I am faced with an entirely white house, and a deep dislike of white walls. I'm having trouble coming up with a fluid way I want to decorate our house...eeeeek! I have a desire to have light blues and greens in much of the house as well as take advantage of our rich wood colours. But in the boys rooms I want to go back to fun, fresh and basic (avoiding Disney and things that they're going to grow out of quickly).

I am thinking of trying something like this for the older kids room.

Right now, they don't want to bunk their beds... but I can see this room, with the bunkbeds stacked, and these cute desks I found.

Having their dresser in the closet, my goal would be to keep the room really open feeling. (Too bad there's carpet instead of wood floors in their room, I'm loving the wood with the rugs).

I have a few ideas for the nursery too, but beyond that I'm not getting anything.

I think I'm going to need some help. Any takers?

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preciosamama said...

Oh how I LOVE fun colors and designs, especially for kiddos. You can still place fun little rugs on the carpet, though not the same, it will still provide the color pop and they could have fun moving them around to make forts or hop on.

Instead of squares you can also do circles on the walls, though I think a little more challenging, when they are staggered and vary in size and color it adds a fun punch. That could be nice in the Goob's room.

Make a darker room with the solar system that comes out of one corner and spreads over the rest of the room, glow in the dark stars are little classics but so very fun.

Go for it. It is just paint and you can always cover it up.