Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Helping Japan

I am not going to pretend that a lot of people read my blog. I know they don't because in truth it's mostly for me. Mostly something that will allow me to look back at my life when my family is grown and smile. But I know out there there is a small handful of people who do read it, and so today I am appealing to those of you who happen across this post.

I know we are living in a time when money is tight and even the most minimal of donations is hard, believe me I stewed for a long time about how much my family could really give when I when to donate. But we are a society, in general, of generosity I believe. It is for that reason I want to point you all in the direction of the LDS Charities site. I know many of my readers are not Mormon and so are wondering why they would donate to an 'LDS' site.

LDS Charities is an organization that gives 100% of the funds donated to help those in need. No overhead or administrative fees are removed from the donation. The resources give during emergencies by LDS Charities is not just for LDS people, but for all those who stand in need right now. The group is often times one of the first on the scene and one of the last to leave. It is highly prepared and organized and it has been commented on by many who have been given help that they are one of the most effective groups at providing relief to areas of distress.

I encourage everyone who reads this to donate, something. Even if it's just the money you would have spent today stopping at Starbucks on your way home from work/school. And then, I challenge you to spread the word, repost the link on your blog/facebook/twitter. Go now, and make a difference!

LDS Charities <~~ Link

And, as strongly as I feel about this particular charity, I still want everyone to donate, so if you don't feel comfortable going through something you are unfamiliar with (although it's the best!) here is the link to the Red Cross. 91.8% of the money that is donated to them goes directly to program expenses with only 8% going to admin and fundraising expenses. So, it too is a great place to donate. Red Cross

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