Saturday, November 19, 2011

Week 1: Mr. Beaney and Big Boy Beds

Beaney at One week old.

Isn't he darling?
Almost back to his birth weight almost.
Sleeping for 3 or so hours at time.
Sadly, extremely gassy.
A peaceful guy in general.

To get the Littles ready for Beaney as a new roommate we had to make some changes in the sleeping arrangements. The kids managed to break the crib we owned by jumping on it, once we turned it into a toddler bed for Goob. Because of this we needed to buy a new crib and figured it was a great time to move Goob up to a real toddler bed. So how do you fit three kids in a room? Bunk beds of course. As you can see from the pictures, we build them mini bunk beds. Basically we just build a small loft bed over Boy's existing bed, and let Boy have the top bunk. We then moved Goob into Boy's old bed, and bought a new crib for when Beaney leaves our room and moves in with them. So far, everyone seems to like their new sleeping space.

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