Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blogging Black Hole

Gosh it seems like it's been forever since I've blogged. There has been so much that I need to blog about (Frog Prince's fifth birthday, the creche exhibit, the progress of the amazing frog quilt) but it just seems like I never get around to it. Even now it is driving me crazy to think that I don't have time to sit down and post about them.

Today's post mostly though is to try and remind myself why I like putting up Christmas decorations. Since I was busy all last week with the Stake Creche, I just let my house go.. and now it's gone; trashed, capoot! I have managed to catch up on washing all of the kids clothes, but I haven't fold them yet... and the dishes are done; but the house isn't even close to clean.... You'd likely pass out of you saw the present state of my dining room (let's just say dogs+pizza box= badness!)

But still I want to put up my Christmas stuff. It's almost half way through December and they aren't up..... so this is my little time to just aimlessly ramble for a few minutes in hopes that it inspires me enough to go push through the cleaning and get the boxes out of the garage.

I don't know if it will actually snow here this weekend (snow in Corvallis is always such a joke) but I have decided that I will never forgive myself if it's snowing and I don't have Christmas up... you could just hand me a name tag that says 'hi my name is... Grinch.'

I guess there is always the driving factor that all my in laws are coming for supper on Sunday. ( of course I will have to clean the house again between now and then, but it'd be much quicker if I wasn't wading through 'lakekidshavewaytoomanyclothes' in my family room.)

Alright... /end pointless rambling (god bless the person who created blogs)

Time to roll up my sleeves, pull up my sister in laws blog mix; as she has the best Christmas music mix, and start a sweepin' and a moppin'.... Maybe then I will feel inspired enough to update on something a bit more fun that my mindless ramble.


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