Friday, February 19, 2010

Finally a few pictures.

Well, what with moving and our PC not having Internet hooked up to it (but not having a laptop that reads CF cards) I've been a bit negligent of this ol' thing.... I have finally hooked up the PC and uploaded over a months worth of photos. However, since I have to burn them to a DVD and upload to the laptop, I have only taken the time to do so with things for my Etsy shop. In case you're wondering what I've been up to craft wise lately, let me show you.

This little number, called, "Bella" is inspired by a friends daughter. My friend loves newsboy hats, and her son always wears them. It got me to thinking how cute little girls would be in them, and so I decided to give it a go.... Another friend graciously lent me the use of her daughter for modeling purposes. For some crazy reason I didn't think it'd sell as well being modeled by my children. Feel free to hop on over here to check out more darling pictures of her (and the hat!)

Curious what I'm sewing all these new goodies on? How's about the lovely new machine Hubby bought me. Seriously, nothing says, " I love you" in my language than new sewing goodies. No joke! Check this baby out.

This is the Singer Futura 250 and it's amazing. I am convinced I could sew just about anything in the world on this little bit of heaven. Which is why I finally have the confidence to take on my first ever, 'refashion'.

What is refashioning, you might wonder? It's where you take an old article of clothing and make it into something new and lovely. I have wanted to try my hand at it for a while, but with my old machine, work horse though it was, the poor dear just wasn't up to such an adventure. Over ten years ago I bought this amazingly fun dress at a thrift store that hails from the late thirties/early forties. It, however, was not in the best condition, what with some major fabric discolouration, missing notions, and a few other thing. And while it's cute, wear it as is minus condition problems would look more like wearing a costume rather than wearing a darling vintage piece that would work in today's fashion world. So, after ten years of it sitting packed away, I am going to give it a pretty major over haul and add it to my collection of everyday goodies. Stay tuned for pictures, it ought to be great.

That's it for now friends. Hope you enjoyed the renewal of eye candy a la mon blog. Maybe I will take Sunday to get over most of the pictures and blog about what we've been doing in the last month.

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Shauna said...

Adorable!!! You did a great job on that hat. It's been so fun to see you posting pictures of your amazing talent. I love it, and I can't wait to see what you do with that dress. Make sure you post lots of pics. :)