Wednesday, February 24, 2010

road bump

Been working on my refashioning project, and finally got the collar to look like I wanted, even though the stitching is crap.

I'm afraid I might have hit a round bump with the entire project though and it makes me heart broken to think so. I dyed the dress tonight, and while it turned out okay (and I think I got the discolouration to even out enough that it is not noticeable; though really I won't be able to tell until it's dry) I found that the washing machine tore a hole in the fabric.

That's right, there is a hole the middle of my 65+ year old fabric... several seams came undone, and I ruined the belt (which I can just recreate), but for the life of me I'm not certain yet, how I will get around this. it's located right in the middle of the back section, and anything I can think to do will be something easily seen.

Wish me luck, I am not sure what I'm going to pull out of my hat for this one.


Heather said...

you could "darn" it with matching embroidery floss...kinda like satin stitching over the small sure you put a back fabric under the hole though to stabilize it.

Kate the Great said...

That was my original plan, but I've come up with something that I think will give the dress a bit more kick, while hiding the hole. It's hard to describe without pictures but think of a stacked bodice almost like the folds of a cumberbund going all the way around the bodice. I am taking the fabric I cut from the hem whne I shortened it, and am making something like that that I can then over lay onto the dress. Like I said, kind of hard to explain, but I think it will will look great, all said and done. That or it will be an epic failure. Either way, it's an adventure.