Sunday, August 31, 2008

Day Five...

Or as I like to call it: The Day I Lost My Mind!!!!

Today was such a long day. And you know it was a long and painful day when teaching nursery was my favourite and calmest part of it. Holy Cow!!!
So last night, we all sat down together to watch Mary Poppins before the boys went to bed. It was really getting close to bed time so I told them they could watch it until the, 'Spoonful of Sugar' song. Well sometime before that (and this is really sad since that's very near the beginning!) I dozed off... I'm still not really sure what time I woked except that it was well after 10pm and the movie had long since finished. The kids were perfectly content to keep playing, instead of waking me up. Go figure. Somehow, I managed to get them all to bed, and the dogs fed and put in their kennel.

This morning; surprise, surprise, everyone was very tired. We actually did pretty okay. Frog Prince had a melt down because I tried to make something other than cereal for breakfast. He declared that Sundays were always 'Big Bowl of Cereal" days with Daddy and that he'd not eat unless it was cereal. (But he did point out that he'd 'compromise' and eat it at the table in a little bowl, rather than a big one) How magnaimus of you, Frog Prince.

Everyone took bathes, and got dressed for church; thankfully without major incidence. As I was getting dressed, FP came to tell me that there was someone at the door. Upon opening it, we discovered Kaitlyn, our babysitter/nanny/amazing-girl-around-the-corner! She'd take off to spend the entire summer with her aunt back east and had come home late last night. It really was sweet that she made a point to come see our family first, and the boys (and me too!) were very very happy to see her after such a long time gone. She even brought me lotion back, because the peach scent made her think of me. Peach is my scent of choice.

However, with Kaitlyns visit this morning we were late getting to church and completely missed choir. I also didn't get a chance to set up my nursery and so it made for a frazzelled Kate the Great. Frog Prince again melted down, because Hubby wouldn't be conducting, and decried the idea of someone else doing so. According to him, 'His Daddy is the greatest conductor at church and no one else is better than his Daddy.'
After Sacrament meeting, I handed Frog Prince off to a passing lady, who was taking her son to class as well and Sheepie and I went to our class. Boy comes along by default, but today proved to be very useful, because he became a treat for a sweet, but very shy and uncertain little girl who really wants nothing to do with coming to class. She got to spend the whole first hour just sitting with Boy, and everytime we moved into a new activity, Boy moved with her to where she was sitting. She didn't cry once! And I even got her to tell me that she wanted to come back next week and be with her, 'Nursery Baby'.

Nursery went very very well today, except that when I got there I realised my helper hadn't shown up at church, nor had she arranged for a replacement. So I was alone. I did have the dad of the shy little girl in there with her for the first hour, but he basically sat in the corner and made sure his daughter treated Boy gently. The kids were great today and were very mellow, so it wasn't bad at all. Sheepie however decided that he wanted to be completely defianant, and scream whenever I did something he didn't want to do. For about the first half an hour, I thought I would kill him. But then I decided that for once all the rest of the kids were engaged and really attentive, so I was just going to flat out ignore Sheepie and play/teach/ sing with the other kids. We decorated our class room (which previously was just four white walls and a chalk board. Not even any pictures of Jesus) for activity time, and they were all so proud to look at what they had put up on the walls. My Primary president came in afterward to see how I'd fared by myself, and commented on how much happier the room looked and how inviting it would be for the less certain kids.
I had to, after all the parents picked up their kids, return stuff to the library, so I told all three of the boys to say in my class room with the door closed, so I'd know they were safe. Little did I know that Frog Prince got a whole pack of crayons in Primary today; when I got back they were standing on the table and had coloured all over the chalk board in crayon. I was so mad-- because this is a thing I have gone over and over with them; you only colour on paper-- that I just had to leave it and walk out of the building. My sweet Primary president told me not to worry about it, that they clean the chalk board every Saturday before church, but I plan to go back this week anyway, to clean it up, I'm not sure that the little kids who normally clean all the board will know how to get it off.

Sheepie, passed out on the car ride home, and I thought this was great until I tried to take him inside and he started screaming and thrashig with all his might. Frog Prince didn't want to go to bed, so he too threw himself on the ground and started screaming. Boy also was screaming as he hadn't eaten in three hours. Now, under normal circumstances, I probably could have kept my cool, and handled it well, but I was exhausted, missing my hubby's help, and just trying to get everyone into bed so that I could feed the baby and start supper. I finally just lost it, and literally threw (hey they're soft!!) everyone into bed, closed the door and told them not to come out unless they were bleeding, a shark had taken a bite out of them, or they had to pee.
I then made dinner as quickly as I could. God bless who ever invented broilers, and the idea of selling crab legs pre-cooked, so you only have to heat them up. I threw the veggies in the microwave, and quickly mashed up and garliced the previously boiled potatoes, and then we sat down to eat. Dinner thankfully, was rather calm, since the boys love crab meat and all the accompanying foods.

We all got to talk to the Hubby via the web cam after supper, and everyone had a good time. FP broke down into hysterics though after we hung up and said he wanted to get to talk to his daddy twice. Since the Hubby had to leave for work I told him he was out of luck, and that it was time for scriptures. Now, don't get me wrong, I love scripture time and I love listening to my kids read their scriptures, but I was never so happy as I was to see that tonight's chapter only had 19 verses in it. Sheepie read three verses; Frog Prince, still pouting, wanted nothing to do with reading, and I quickly read the rest. We said prayers and then I shoved them off to bed.

About that point I sat down to type this. In the course of typing this I have had to get up twice to break up fighting. And Frog Prince, who insists on hitting Sheepie, for the stupidest reasons has lost his Little Froggie doll and his Nemo pillow. However, it seems that they have finally passed out.
So yeah; I know this post has been complete and utter complaining, but so far you've gotten some pretty up beat and 'oh aren't they just dandy' posts. Here is my dose of reality, and I am sure tomorrow after a good nights sleep, I will be right back to the jolly posts of yore.

Below are pictures of my new hair, and the boys helping with the fire wood yesterday.
So I said I'd tell you the story of Sheepies's boots in my last post, and then realised that I never did. Apparently they boys, on the camping trip were jumping into puddles and spashing around. Unbeknownst to me, his boots had holes in them, where the seams slip and water completely soaked them. He didn't mention this at all, and took his own boots off when he went to bed that night. In the morning when I went to get him up, his boots were soaking wet, and he'd not put them on. I had no other shoes for him, and had to finally turn on my car heater and 'blow dry' his boots so he'd wear them. Needless to say, they no longer serve their purpose.

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Allanna said...

I'm proud of you for not devouring your children (Believe me, I've had that urge. Just to stop. the. whining!).

And CUUUUUUTE hair! I heart the color!