Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Days Go Marching Two by Two

Well, two days down and.... more than I'd like to count to go. Today, actually, was pretty okay. Things ran a bit smoother and having managed some sleep last night, I'd say we won in the epic battle of The C's vs. the world.

I truly think that small children have little internal chronometers in their heads that they can set, so that whenever something exciting or important is going to happen, they are programmed to wake up before it is even natural to do so! I told the boys before bed last night that, when they woke up this morning, The Hubbys plane will have landed and he could speak to them on the web cam. Lo and behold around a quarter to 7, Frog Prince comes stumbling into my bedroom asking me if it was time to talk to Daddy. Hubby's plane hadn't even landed by that point, so after mumbling something I certain was incoherent, I sent him out to play with his trains and eat some breakfast. About a half an hour later Sheepie got up; and as such, so did I. Wheee!

Deciding to have some fun, I sat down and started playing with making a banner for this blog, and then I realised that I didn't have photoshop or paint shop pro installed on this computer; they are on Benjamin's laptop. So I went to the Adobe website and started downloading a free trail of Photo shop. Apparently my computer didn't like this, because the Internet went out, and I.... I went into panic mode. Hubby was supposed to be in his hotel any minute and ready to talk to us... and I had boys who'd likely eat me if they didn't get to talk to daddy.

But being married to a computer person, I've learned a thing or two over the years about such problems!!! After a great deal of muttering under my breath and a few swift hits to the router, the Internet was up and running again! Sadly, not so much the case for The Hubby...

He'd not had a chance to get a power converter for his power cords/wall plugs and is laptop battery was dead. We also found out he can't make out going international calls on his cell phone. Thankfully, he was able to text me and tell me to call him, so pretending to not know how much it was going to cost, I picked up my phone and called to India....The boys were FINALLY able to talk to their daddy, and tell him that they loved him, and to have a good night.

The rest of the day really was, I'm sad to say, just loafing around the house. The boys played trains for a long time, and then went out and spent several hours trashing playing in the backyard.

Boy got a new little surprise today, when pulled out our activity saucer for him to play in, now that he is almost sitting up. At first he wasn't really sure what to make of it, but once he got his footing-- literally--- he had a great time bouncing in it and playing with all of the noise making and chewy toys.

'Look at the toys! So many things to touch, which do I press first?'

Have you ever seen anyone so smiley as Boy?

We spent the evening eating supper and cake at my sister in law's house, for her birthday. Then it was back home for scriptures and cleaning up. Frog Prince seems to have done quite a bit better today, although I caught him just sitting looking off into the distance several times today, and I could tell he was thinking about Hubby.

I got the stuff to hopefully fix my hair to the colour I want it to be, so tomorrow morning I have to get up early and get that done before we head off to Costco. I am also taking the boys camping tomorrow night for our ward camping trip. People have laughed at the idea of me heading into the woods with three kids, all by myself. My thought is: if I loose one of them, it will just make the next two months a little easier! So anyway, no update tomorrow night, but expect on Saturday morningish.

Now it's off to watch some more old episodes of THE OFFICE before heading to bed.


Allanna said...

Boy, when it rains, it pours!

I can't believe what technology troubles we "get" to have with stuff nowadays. I'm so glad that you fixed your internet connection, though. (I'd have been NO help with that. If it doesn't get fixed by restarting it, I'm rather hopeless.)

And I can't wait to see the new hair.

Good luck on the camping trip! If your ward family doesn't help with the kids ... take names. I'll sic Chuck Norris on them. :P

Kate the Great said...

You are so funny Allanna!!! I'm glad to know that I've got Chuch Norris watching my back!

The new hair looks much better. It's a fun colour, although one I know Benjamin wouldn't want to look at everyday. So I guess it's good that I waited.