Sunday, August 31, 2008

Three's Company; Four's...still missing their fifth!

Since several days have passed since posting (because of the ward camp out) I am a little hazy on how this day played out until actually going camping, but I am pretty sure I can give you the gist of it. Really it was pretty boring.

The day began with waking up extremely early to feed the baby. Boy, I have discovered has now doubled his birth weight and is tipping the scales at 13 lbs and some ounces. Not sure how many because I just used a bathroom scale to weigh him. I also discovered yesterday that he has a tooth that I am pretty sure will be popping through the surface anytime now. SO... it's small wonder Boy has been getting up to eat twice a night again. Truthfully, I was awake anyway because I find it extremely strange sleeping without Hubby next to me.

I tinkered around until Frog Prince and Sheepie woke up and then got them breakfast. The first thing Frog Prince noticed was that I had dyed my hair again the night before, to fix the crazy pinkish copper thing that had 'exploded' on my head (this is how one of the boys described it the day before). Anyway, FP told me how much prettier and red my hair was and that made me feel muchly happy! I then made the boys breakfast, and then say down to put together the play list for my blog. That is when Sheepie declared that he wasn't going to finish his very nice breakfast of banana bread, yoghurt, and sliced pears. And such it was that the first battles of will began between Sheep and me, sans The Hubby.

Now anyone who has known me for a while knows that my Sheepie is more like a ram or a bull when it comes to stubbornness than a sheep, and unfortunately he got that from his mother; the end result is that he and I butt heads against each other with the best of them. And sitting at that breakfast table I was not about to let him get away with mutilating his food and then not eating it. So I told him that he was not going to be excused until his plate was empty; if that meant we didn't go to Costco (which I am pretty sure, in some language, translates into 'Kid Mecca'-- seriously, have you ever seen how excited every kid gets when you mention Costco?!), we simply wouldn't go. Sheepie figured if he dug his heels in enough and cried and flailed around enough he'd finally get his way.... apparently he's forgotten who his parents are, because this has never worked in our house, and never will. Eventually, the only thing it did accomplish was getting moved from the table, where he was trying to smear yoghurt everywhere, to sitting on the carpet in the kitchen where I could watch him more carefully ( I was putting away some dishes and loading the dishwasher before leaving). Let's just say that I had planned on being to Costco at 10 am when it opens, and Sheepie finally finished his breakfast at 9:48 am. He loaded his plate proudly into the dishwasher and announced that he was now ready to go to Costco. Whatever, Sheepie.

And to Costco we went! I am quite pleased to have bought most of what my kids needed by way of new school clothes while there, and realised that I easily saved a third of what I would have spent other places. I still need to buy them new boots, but more on that in the next post!! We also picked up things for s'mores, and some groceries (including the most delicious looking crab legs, that would be totally under appreciated were Hubby here, but that we will enjoy terribly as Sunday dinner!)

Next stop was going back home to pack for camping, which I managed to do fairly quickly. Boy was sleeping, and I sent the kids out to the backyard. I loaded everything into the car, loaded Boy into his car seat, and put him in the car and then went into the back yard to secure the dogs into their run, and collect the kiddlets. Oh ho ho.... what I surprise I had in store for me! They'd gone into the garage and gotten out Hubby's croquette set, and scattered it all across the yard. Not the biggest of deals, he let's them play with it all the time. They'd also take one of the dogs water bowls and dumped it into their sand box so that it now resembles a small marsh floating in a plastic turtle; again, not the end of the world. The real kicker was what I discovered upon going into the garage. Apparently the reason they were so quiet, and hadn't been bothering me while packing was because they'd been in the back yard, taking all the special (aka very expensive) gardening soil out of my garden boxes, which I'd just cleared out for the season, and upon loading it into their dump trucks taken it and dumped it ALL OVER my garage floor. I mean everywhere. And this is the garage/shop that Hubby had just cleaned before leaving.

Yeah, I wasn't all that happy. I will admit, I totally just left it there though, and still haven't had a chance to go and clean it up. But since I won't be the one cleaning it up, I have to pick a time when I can fight the great fight with those two monkeys.

Finally, it was off to go camping!!! This--even though it technically started in the same day as this-- will be all in one post covering Saturday, because this post is already really really long! So tune in next time for another exciting installment of "The C's". Same Bat time, same Bat channel.

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