Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Karate Kids

When T ball wrapped up we were left wondering what would be a good way to spend the summer. I have two nieces and a friends kids who all do karate and love it... Why not give it a try; especially if it will help the kids to learn to focus a bit better and become better athletes.

We've been going for two weeks now and already both boys have committed to becoming black belts (which takes normally about five years to accomplish in the junior belt system). I am very proud of the hard work they've put into; every day they have to do five push ups and five sit ups, and practice every day they don't have class. Not to mention work on things like respect to their parents, keeping their room clean, and following the principles of the black belt all the time. Pretty tall order for a bunch of preschoolers, but they are just that awesome!


vorember said...

That's awesome! My brothers and I all earned our Black Belts in Tae Kwon Do and it really brought us closer together and did wonders for our confidence and discipline. It took about five years, but it was the best money my parents ever spend on a sport!

I hope the boys stick with it! And they look adorable in their uniforms too!

vorember said...

^That was me, Angela!

Danna said...

They are so cute! Not to mention you would have personal body guards everywhere you go.