Thursday, July 23, 2009

How do you...

like to spend a summer's day?

Personally I'm a fan of:

Swinging with the Boy

And then a little post swing cooking!

And check out the lovely new fence we just had put up... now to pick up the old stuff, and lay down the weed killer and we're set. I'm sure the kids will be happy when the grass is cut again-- you're not supposed to cut it for several days before laying the weed killer down.
(hint, hint to someone who I know is reading this: lay down the weed killer, so we can cut the grass again! Love you!)

And yes, the fence is in a different place than the old one. Turns out our property line was actually something like 6 or so feet further back than the old fence. It makes the yard feel so much bigger and if we're still in this house come next spring (lets hope not!) I'll have even more room for garden boxes.

1 comment:

Allanna said...

But, but ... I don't HAVE your weedkiller to lay down. :P