Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This is for you Shauna

My friend Shauna pointed out the other day that we all seem to put on our very best faces for our blogs... I really couldn't agree more. Not that, by any means, it is a bad thing to want to share the lovely portions of our lives with other, but I think she might be right about how we don't share the reality of life either.

So this, my dear Shauna, is the story of my morning.

I woke up around 6 am because I had to use the bathroom for the nine hundredth time that night... but I heard Boy stirring in his room. So I was faced with a I pretend not to hear him and try to go back to bed (I was out until 11 pm last night) or do I do the 'noble' motherly thing and go sooth him back to sleep. I chose to go back to bed. Karma, however, seems to come back swiftly in my house, and for the rest of the morning, I was unable to sleep because Twinkle Toes was kicking a hole in my stomach.

I finally decided to get out of bed, after Mr. C got up to take care of Boy and get ready for work. Like any other morning I got in the shower, got out and got dressed... silly, silly me. Upon opening the door I find Boy is standing with his pants down and his diaper around one ankle, and poop covering his entire body... and the carpet.... and the sofa.... and the walls... All the while, instead of coming to alert me to this situation, the older two are vegetating on the sofa watching Word World... thanks boys!

Now, I am faced with a few choices, I can shower the kid get him dressed, and then spend time cleaning up everything poopy, or I can use half a package of wet wipes to clean him up and then slather him in lotion to make him smell good again, so that I can get to cleaning up the rest of the poop faster. A cheery, 'good mom' blog would certainly have a story of how I lovingly bathed my son in rose scented bubbles or something, right.... well, obviously I just wiped the kid down with about half a pack of wet wipes and then glomped lotion all over him.

And this morning for breakfast my kids are eating (and yes it's already 9 am and they are only just eating breakfast!) cereal... plain out of the box, no fancy pictures included, fruit loops!!! *collective gasp* Mainly, because I just couldn't be bothered after the poop, to come up with some amazingly whole wheat, lean protein, fruit filled goodness. And what puts the icing on that cake is that I told them two days ago they'd get no more cereal for the rest of the week because they poured themselves monster sized bowls and then didn't finish them. But remember, consistency is always the most important thing in a kids life, right? Right.

So, there you go Shauna, today I am telling it like it is, although it's still early. I realise I am making fun of my own blog in the process, and that I fully plan on returning to my normal blogging goodness in the future, but if I can't make fun of myself a little bit in the process, what good is having a sense of humour. Hope you feel a bit better about telling it as it is. I sure love reading your blog, no matter what you post in it!


Jon said...

So you are human after all!

Shauna said...

I love it, love it, LOVE it! I am so happy to know that I'm not the only one that has days like this. A friend was telling me that she started writing in a journal for her sons. She writes down all the good, funny, and CRAZY things they do. She says it's a great way for her to get things off her chest, because she knows when they are in their 20's reading the journal it will be in a whole new light.

We tried so long to get these little spirits into our home, that sometimes I feel bad that there are days where they are driving me crazy. I feel like because having kids was so hard for us, that I should be loving everyday with them. And although I always love my kids, there are days where they drive me crazy. I guess it's good to know that it's a normal part of being a parent.

Thanks for the post. Like I said, I love it!

Betts Family said...

;) We know how it is. This 'day in the life of' is just like mine.


Thanks for the laugh.