Thursday, April 21, 2011

More adventures to be had in...


Ah yes, the ritual trip to Tillamook. We wouldn't be the Mighty C's if we didn't do this all the time. We had gorgeous weather on this particular weather and drove all up and down the coast line. We decided to explore a bit when it comes to eating and found this amazing little cafe in, I think Pacific City, called Brewin' In the Wind. They had some of the BEST clam chowder ever. Stop by and check it out. In the same area was this neat beach made up of all these big rocks. We started out playing on them, and then noticed a cave in a large cliff in the distance. So off we went to explore and ended up taking the kids on a mini spelunking trip through the side of the cliff. It spit out right into the ocean during high tide, and what would be a super cute hidden little cove during low tide.

(in which you can see me breaking my back as I start to lift up FP to do a horizontal spin)

And then, about a week later, this is what our property looked like. Good figure!

(except not sideways, because in real life, that would just be weird!)

The boys and I also packed off one day for a trip up to OMSI. They had a rather fun exhibit about ancient Egypt that happened to be there right as Sheepie's class was finishing studying about Egypt. (FP's class had studied it earlier in the year, so they were both able to tell me a great deal about the things were were seeing, including a real mummy and her burial box!)

And that just about rounds out Feb. Here is a parting shot of the sweet little Valentines the Biggies made for their classes. Sheepie made robots and FP made Titanics.

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