Thursday, April 21, 2011

March Madness....

Madness is not quite the term I'd use when I think of our March. I would think of words like: insanity, over busy, wild vacations, raging fevers, and hospital trips galore!

March started out like most any month. It ended with three of us having Pneumonia, trips to the doctors office, and exciting discoveries.

March also happens to be the birth month of a Mr. Theodor Geisel. School children far and wide celebrate this day with literary abandon. I'm not quite sure how this came to pass, but the day before, I was standing in FP's classroom talking with his teacher about it and before I knew it this sentence was a huge run on I was telling his teacher I would make every kid in the class a felt Cat in the Hat, hat.

It took all night to do, but I am one of those stubborn women who will not stop once she has committed to something and somewhere around 4 am (I think, it's all a blur now!) This was the end result.

The look on their faces when each kid saw them, was totally worth it!

Then there was Sheepies African Animal project at school. If you will remember FP's efforts for this project last year, you will know that simply writing the report would not even be close to good enough for Sheepie. So we found this fun little puppet kit at the Toy Factory, and Sheepie painted it to look like a Cheetah. He then wrote his report and was very proud to show it off at school.

March also included Spring Break 2011. This was the first year we have ever really gone some where with the kids for spring break and despite some crazy happenstance we had a great time. I will make an actual post about Seattle after this one, but some of the craziness of the month steamed from the week leading up to the trip.

There was a horrible virus going through the school in the week before spring break. Both FP and Sheepie ended up getting it, and FP was out of school for almost the whole week. It was so bad at one point there were over 10 kids and the teacher missing from the class. That's about half his class. Thankfully, they managed to get over it just fine. However, just as we were arriving in Seattle the littles got hit and got hit hard. The next day I too was down and out and we were all sporting fevers of at least 101, while medicated. It made for a very hard week, but thanks to the medicine (and mommy and daddy determined to have not wasted all the money we'd spent) we still managed to enjoy it. On the drive home, I called our doctors to set up appointments, and based on what I was telling them, that told us to head straight to the hospital as soon as we got back into town.

The littles ended up having double ear infections and Pneumonia. Whee! they were both put on antibiotics and rallied after just a few days. They told me however, it was just viral and there was nothing they could do for me. So I went home,and fast forward a week, I was worse and had some other serious symptoms, and regardless of drinking over 80 oz of water was not peeing (TMI, oh well!) So I went back to the ER in the wee hours of the morning where I spent hours being re hydrated, and was then told that I had Pneumonia and Bronchitis, and was finally given a Z-pack. That helped a great deal and now that we are into April, I am finally able to get out and start exercising again without dying.

This all played out right as Mr. C had to leave for SLC and I have to tell you that FP was AMAZING. He spend almost the entire spring break week (we went to Seattle Friday and came back Tuesday) taking care of the entire family. He made meals, changed diapers, brought me my own food, and drinks, picked up the best he could, and entertained his brothers all on his own. He was super human and took better care of our family than most teenagers could. He will be an amazing dad/husband someday!

Most of the concern over my being ill was because in addition to having to worry about myself, this little bean was sick too...

But, the bean got along just fine once I was treated, and the neat part of the hospital trip was that I got to see it for the first time! So that is how our insane, wild, zany march turned out to be pretty darn sweet!



I want a little bean. :) It sounds like a crappy good month...:)

50 Toes Photo said...

I love this post! I'm way late in visiting the blog, but love, love, love it! You're amazing! Thanks for all of your help and support this week - I seriously wouldn't have made it through without you!