Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What have we been up to?

I'm sure anyone who still checks this thing might be asking that very question. March was ages and ages ago and so much has happened since then.

At the end of March my Mr. C left us, and headed off to Utah to work for his company out there until mid October. What a big change it was to be a single parent for what would total four months, with little to no breaks. How full time single parents do it, I will never know and am humbled by their dedication.

Thankfully, at the tail end of March, having made a decent recovery from my Pneumonia, I was able to fly out to SLC for the weekend and spend it with Benjamin. We attended conference and it was a nice relaxing weekend of rest and time together.

While I was there I got to see our awesome old babysitter/my former seminary student/super cool all around girl, Kendall. She lives in Provo now, so we hopped on over for the day and spent it with her, before meeting up for a bit with my little sister, who had just returned from her LDS mission in California.

Kendall and I found Sweet Tooth Fairy , which I read about on various blogs all the time and had to buy some.

April passed pretty quickly, with much happening.
Living room camping took up residence for nearly a week.

And then there was the ever popular trip to the zoo. I'm not really sure what prompted this particular trip, but if you've been a reader for any length of time, you know we're just crazy about the zoo.

April also brought a slew of school related activities. Both of the Biggies classes made items to sell at the schools silent auction, and I was able to win FP's lovely planter box that he made. I tried quite hard to win Sheepie's class quilt and was willing to out big anyone there except for the one person who did win it, lol (he wanted to give it to his wife who is dying of ALS. I couldn't bring myself to not let him have it, b/c I love their family so much). They also did a darling karate routine together for the talent show.

FP's planter box.

I was also to take another field trip with FP's class to learn about forests. I loved being able to go on all of the kid's field trips with them this year. It was neat to get so involved with their school this last year.

This is FP with one of his all time besties, Julius. They both crack me up!

FP also got a hold of my camera and took a ton of pictures, here is one he grabbed of me.

April also had Easter, of course, but I will post about that in it's own post.


Allison said...

And you neglected that you got to "meet" M&M, Adelaide, And ME!!!

Kate the Great said...

You are right! Here I was all ready to talk about how we got to go to HP together and such and I totally skipped that part of it. LOL....

Addition: AND I MET three awesome VHers whom i love muchly. Emmes, Adelaide, and Alli!