Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter was pretty laid back at our house this year. With Mr. C gone, I tried to make it extra fun for the boys all while keeping it low key, so they wouldn't miss him too much.

My mom came down either the Friday or Saturday before (can't remember which now) to spend the day with us, and we dyed eggs out in the yard. The new (at the time) neighbour boy wandered over, and joined us. It seems like more and more our house is becoming the local collection spot for the kids on our street, and my boys LOVE it!

My mom then hid the eggs all over the back field and we let the boys loose to find them.

That pink basket the neighbour is carrying was my basket as a kid!

I have to share a funny story about this. My mom ended up forgetting where she put all the eggs (which is pretty easy on two acres, I'm sure) so in the end we lost several of the eggs, and for all I know they are still out there today, or more likely were a tasty midnight treat for some wild animal. We spent half an hour looking for them.

Easter morning rolled around, and I truthfully came this close, the night before, to forgetting to put out their baskets. It's always been Benjamin's thing to hide the baskets and eggs, and so my mind really wasn't that on it. As it was, I forgot to put a few things in each basket and had to sneak them in first thing in the morning.

FP had never before seen Peeps that were coloured other than yellow, and was over the moon to have them in blue (his favourite colour).

Boy went straight for the cotton candy, not even noticing the egg 'hiding' right in front of him.

Sheepie was a little more reserved, since he's not a morning person at all.

And Goob learned that yet another holiday would deliver to him great amounts of candy that he could eat whenever he wants!

Each year we try to take a family snap shot in our Easter clothes, and I have to laugh at trying to do so this year. The mistake was made in waiting until after church to do so, so the boys were all sticky and sugar buzzed, I was already exhausted from going to bed late/waking up early, and Goob had fallen asleep on the ride home. So I had to get the camera set up and get all the boys recleaned up, all while trying to not actually wake up Goob, so that he'd not be crying in the photo. (Sleeping is better than crying any day, right). This was seriously something like our 12th attempt to take it. can you tell by the look in our faces, that says, let's just be done now... I'd have given up except that just a day before Mr. C was commenting on how he didn't have any pictures of me with all the kids for his SLC office.

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