Sunday, July 31, 2011

Let's try this again...

I have to admit that this post is going to be a bit half hearted. I spent about an hour making up a post about the kids last days of school and such only to have IE decide that it wanted to eat my post and when I went to look it up in my drafts on blogger, it was blank. Blarg, is all I have to say.

So I'm sorry but I'm mostly just going to put up a bunch of pictures and let them do the explaining. Sorry!

In June the kids, like pretty much every other kid in the country, were finishing up school. This included end of the year programs, last day of school parties, and saying good bye to friends.

Boy loved his first year of preschool, and all summer has been asking when he gets to go back to school. Sheepie has grown so much over the year thanks to his amazing kindergarten teacher. There is not enough good I could say about Melinda Winograd and it will be a bit odd not having a kid in her class this year. Frog Prince is a big kid now, and I'm not sure how I feel about it, lol! He is still my sweet and sensitive son, but gone are all traces of little boy hood. He is all about rock music, legos, video games, and everything else that is 'cool'. This year in school has been so good for him, and thanks to Lisa Tyrrell, he flourished and found the right path for himself at school.

Boy at his last day of preschool celebration. They sang all their songs they'd learned in the year for the parents.

FP's class got to write their own fables and act them out. They did, 'The Cheetah and the Snail,' which was basically the tortoise and the hare. His friends Noah and Eleanor were the story teller and snail. She had this cute little sleeping bag shell on her back.

Sheepie and Mrs. Winograd at the kinder's end of the year presentation. She predicted in her crystal ball that Sheepie would grow up to be a famous costumer/set designer for movies. He was very excited about this, and ran back to me and said, "mom her magic ball must really work, because that is exactly right!"

Sheepie and Melinda Winograd. I love this woman and the magic she creates in her classroom.

Frog Prince and his outstandingly awesome teacher Lisa Tyrrell. I am so excited that our family will get to have her again as Sheepie's teacher.

And then just like that, school was done!

Here are a few other cute pictures from June.

It must have been a fun nap time b/c when I put them to bed there were sheets on the bedding and they had clothes on. At least the diapers stayed on. I love that they enjoy being together.

And this little noodle head was all comfy and helping himself to my lap top when I got out of the shower one morning. I could not stop laughing at how natural and comfortable he looked.

And then before heading out to Utah, we decided to hit up the zoo one last time for the summer because the dinosaurs had come back and would have been gone by the time we came back.

There you have it. Not much by way of details, but at least you get a 'picture' of what we were up to.

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