Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sheepie turns six year old!

The day we left for the summer, Sheepie turned six (more on that in the next post) and he really wanted to have a birthday party with his friends before we left for the entire summer. This year's theme for his party was Space. However it was a space water party. Totally makes sense, doesn't it?!

This is the awesome 'kid carwash' Mr. C made for the boys to play with at the party. My friend Katie has one that she lent to me for the schools end of the year party that I was in charge of, and I thought it would be the best thing ever. So Mr. C went the morning of Sheepie's party and bought the supplies and popped one out. It was amazingly fun.

Sheepie really wanted a space themed brithday cake this year so I told him I'd come up the design and he'd have to wait until his party to see what it would be.

Every time I make one of the kids cakes, I seriously think I've reached my limits of craziness, but then they ask for something else, and I decide, 'why not!?' and I end up making something crazier than the last years cake.

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