Sunday, March 21, 2010

Busy with school

Frog Prince is LOVING being in Kindergarten. He has really started to flourish, and his teacher is the most patient, understanding, and caring woman around. She is the chief reason for his success.

Very shortly after moving in his school hosted a school wide sock hop. Having not been to one since I was in my own elementary days, I had forgotten how much fun it is to dress up and listen to the music of the 1950's. He and I went together as a special, "Mommy/son" date. It took a little bit of creativity to come up with some decent costumes so last minute though, and with all of my sewing stuff packed still.

Not having a poodle skit, I found one of my fuller skirts and then put another skirt under it to get the fluffy look, and then decided to rock the argyle look rather than the bobby socker look. I have had these glasses tucked away in a drawer for years and knew they'd come in handy one day. As for dressing little boys, it's a bit trickier I realised. It's not like most kids have a black leather greasers jacket laying around. Instead, we went with the a different approach and he is dressed as Jughead, from the Archie comics. I took and turned a white t-shirt that had a print on it inside out, and then cut out an initial that matched his school (Franklin) and then made him a jughead crown, tight rolled his pants, and then put him in his penny loafers. All and all I think we pulled it off!

Now that he's in a small class, he gets to make home made things for mass class distribution. So when Valentine's Day rolled around. This is what we came up with.

They are 'love' bugs... and the dog was for the lady who brings her reading dog in each week.

And then for his teacher we made a little card stock Chinese take-out box with a fortune cookie in it. the card said, "I'm so fortunate to have you as my teacher."

For the last month is class has been studying the continent of Africa. As part of their studies they had to prepare and oral report on an African animal that they'd then share with their third grad buddy. The report had to include a drawn picture of the animal to go along with it. True to form, a drawn picture just wasn't good enough for FP. Instead we made a slightly larger than life Papier-mâché model his animal. He did his report on the Goliath Frog...what else?

Next week Little League starts up again for the season, and this year he'll move up to coach pitch base ball. He's very excited (although I have to admit I had a good chuckle at the idea of my six year old having to wear a cup...Are we to that already?) So between school, karate (he's a yellow belt now) and baseball he's happy as a clam!

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