Friday, March 26, 2010

Quiet Book for Goob

I have felt so bad about how bored Goob has been basically laying in bed for four days now. The hospital is no place for a kid to be on the floor scooting around, so he bascially can be in his crib, on the bed with me or sitting in my lap... FUN! 

Because of this, when I went home last night I decided to whip up a little activity book for him, while the other kids were napping.  Sadly, most of my fabric is in storage, so I had to construct things out of what I had, so It's a bit hodge podge, but he still seems to enjoy it, now that I've given it to him.

Don't you just love the fabric? I found it at the quilt store down town when I was getting stuff to make a neigbour some burp clothes for their new baby. Didn't know what I was going to use it for, but it called to me!



So as you can see there is some cute stuff, and some truly scary stuff (like that bird.. what was I thinking)
I honestly dont' remember sewing half of this, so in the morning I was shocked by how bad some of the sewing is. But at 7 months, I don't think he will care. He just likes cuddling it!


preciosamama said...

it is wonderful. what a nice mommy to think of making his hospital stay a little more fun

Anonymous said...

You're my hero... I love this!