Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hence forth and forever....

It's funny, when we pick out our children's names we put so much effort into them, because it's what they become identified as, what, in part defines them. I really think that is true for most anything we call one another by. When I picked out Twinkle Toes name for the blog, we didn't know yet that he was a little boy, and it always fluttered around in my head as what I should call the baby growing in me. Those tiny little toes could be felt fluttering against my stomach from very early on, and it seemed to be a perfectly matched name.

But then he was born... then it no longer seemed to fit. I've wanted it to; I've even had long internal debates about how it's as real a name for him in some regards as his given name (since to those who know about him only through the virtual world, he has no other name), and it's not normal to just up and change ones name. But in the end it doesn't fit him, and it doesn't really identify with him as a person now. My other children's blog names do; they are names I use for them in the real world as much as I do in the ethers of the Internet.

And so with much (probably way more than is normal and healthy for such a thing) deliberation I am rechristening Twinkle Toes, and bestowing upon him for hence forth and forever the name, "Goob." Aliases to include, "King Goob," "Goober King," "King of the Goobers," and "Mr. Goob." Anyone who knows my baby boy in real life knows quite easily how natural and well fitting this name is. It's what I call him often in real life, and his goobery smile and chubby cheeks just seem to exude Gooberness.

And after all, it's my blog, so I can do it if I want to! I present to you, his royal highness, Mr. Goob, King of all Goobers !

Just look at that face... He's wearing this darling dino sweat shirt my mom found for him, for Christmas, that has dino scales all down the hood. I laugh every time he wears it and starts making growling noises.

I love how he still sleeps with his hands curled up.
At the end of a long day.... sometimes it's just too much work to move your toys.

At four months he tried his first food. At six months he really started eating for the first time. Today he tried to eat anything he can get in his mouth, even if that means sneaking food off mom's plate and then chocking on it, until she fishes it out again.
He also has learned to sit up. As was Boy at this age, he is a bit of a late sitter and is still not the most stable, even at 7 months. But he loves to sit and play with toys or his big brothers.

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