Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Sheepie of many skills

What is new with the Sheepie, you might ask? Lately he's gained many new skills. He is enjoying his last semester of Preschool, and was over the moon when we enrolled him for Kindergarten next fall. He was very cute in his concern over what school he'd be attended, however. Our kids attend/will attend a school that has no location boundaries; it's entirely by application. So we have to initially enroll the kids into what would be our 'home school,' or the school that our house is within the boundaries for. After that we apply for a transfer into Franklin. Since Sheepie didn't really understand that he was quite concerned that we were not registering him at Franklin, but rather at the school down the street from us. He has a friend from preschool who he's quite close to --who will also attend Franklin in the fall, and was very upset at the idea that he and Avonleigh wouldn't be together anymore. I assured him that wouldn't be the case, and after several days of having to explain and re-explain it all to him, he is now satisfied that he and Avonleigh will still be together and will be at Franklin in the fall.

Sheepie has always been very interested in helping in the kitchen. He really does seem to have a flair for cooking; he knows how to get to his Mama's heart! The other night I was going to make home made mac and cheese for supper and asked if he'd like to help. Before long he's taken over the entire project and has created his own, new dish called Macaroni Lasagna. He did all the prep and cooking himself, with the exception of using the knife to slice the tomato and taking the casserole in and out of the oven. It was really quite good and we polished the entire thing off in two sittings.

Another one of Sheepie's recently acquired skills I'm not so proud of. Yesterday, Hubby and I took a nap because we've both been sleeping poorly because of sick kids. We put the two Littles to bed, and basically just went to bed very early, telling the Biggies they could stay up until they wanted to and we'd check on them later. When I went out to check on them, I found this:

Apparently, Sheepie taught himself how to cut hair with scissors. It was even worse than the picture looks. He did the sides and the back as well. I wanted to cry because we had just paid to have his hair cut. Normally, I think it's silly to pay for kids to have their hair cut, but he really likes to keep it kind of longer and shaggy, and I think he looks cute that way. He is too wiggly for me to maintain it with scissors though, so I took him to my hair dresser, so that he could get it trimmed but keep it long..... So much for that!

The worst part was that he was so proud of himself and thought he looked, 'beautiful'. So when I asked him what he was thinking he started crying. We cuddled and he decided he was proud of it and wanted to keep it that way. I let him, since he didn't know any better, but told him if he ever did it again he'd get in trouble. Today for church, I spiked his hair, and was able to mostly hide it, all while allowing him to think everyone was seeing his 'beautiful' hair cutting skills.

This evening he got his head shaved.... he now looks like he just got kicked out of the military. Thankfully, he doesn't like having no hair, and realised very quickly that if he were to cut his hair again, he'd have to have it shaved again.

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