Sunday, March 21, 2010

I love to see the Temple....

When we go to the zoo, I always like to take the kids to walk around the ground of the Portland Temple. We went up a few weeks ago to check out the new Predators of the Serengeti exhibit at the zoo, and managed to enjoy the lovely flowers and peaceful feeling of the temple on our way.

I am so thankful for Temples and having them in the life of my family. I feel truly blessed to have so many so close to us (we have three with in reasonable driving distance, if ever we needed to go to a different one). I have read of people who have had to save their entire lives to be able to attend once, because they live so far away from a temple. I hope that I never become so complacent that I forget how privileged I am. I love taking my children up there, because, even when walking around the grounds and into the atrium there is such a peaceful and tender spirit to be felt. My children are able to feel it, and I know they already are growing a love for the Lord's House.

We tried to grab a few photos while we were there, sadly, the lighting wasn't great that day; too sunny.

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