Sunday, March 21, 2010

In which I wonder about one of my children.....

While we were in transition between our house and our apartment we spent a few days staying with my in laws. The boys found their dress up box...

Let's see, sparkly high heels at two, wanting to be the little mermaid for Halloween, and now dressing like a Disney princess....does anyone else see a future Broadway bound boy?


This picture also cracks me up....

Shortly before moving we went to OMSI (like we love to do) and came home with this giant frog, who is now named Spencer. This pictures in the apartment, where FP crammed Spencer into Sheepies jammies so they could match. I gave him a hard time for the rest of the night by pretending to get the two of them mixed up.

As I promised in my last, long forgotten update, I mentioned there'd be volcanoes. Shortly after moving in, were were struck with a rather long and rainy patch of days. For several of them, for what reasons I cant recall, there was no school. Now, I know what you're thinking and believe me, I thought the same thing.

What in heaven's name is a woman going to do with four kids in a 900 sq. ft apartment on no school days when it's pouring rain outside?

My answer is.... learn about volcanoes and make them. The Biggies and I learned about some of our local volcanoes, and what they are. We then made volcanoes with stuff we had around the house; oatmeal and an old card board box and some modelling paints. When they were finished I taught them the age old science experiment of the baking soda and vinegar. I even taught them why the react and the basics of acids and bases in science. When school resumed they each took theirs for sharing and set them off.

The other little clue I gave to our adventures of late was that we got a new motorcycle. Now I know this will show exactly how ready we were to be done with selling our house and how impulsive we can be sometimes.

The day we were supposed to close on our house, it didn't happen. We were mad and frustrated because it was totally supposed to happen weeks earlier and as a result we'd ended up rushing to get out of our house and many other things needlessly. Hubby was up in Salem getting a new tire but on our motorcycle and we were planning on meeting him up there to do something (what I can't remember now). On my way up he called me and asked if I'd seen the newest model of our line of bike. He had apparently seen it and wanted it. When I got up there, I have to say I was in love. It was beautiful and was a completely different bike than the one we had. It is what we had originally wanted when we bought our first bike, but they were impossible to get a hold of. Being so upset and mad about the house, we traded in our old bike on the spot. I think I can safely speak for the both of us when I say I don't regret it for a moment.

FP rides to school in the mornings with Hubby, and Sheepie gets to take rides too, so we let Boy put all the kids gear on and sit on the bike with Daddy. He was in heaven and wants to ride it. Sad to say he's got some years to go, but he makes his Mommy proud.

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