Thursday, August 4, 2011

CJane's Roof Top Concert Series

Anyone who has spent a real amount of time around my Sheepie knows that he LOVE music. All my kids like music and the two older ones are pretty well versed in what I like to call 'Good' music. Meaning they are exposed to rock/indie music and Pop music and everything in between. Truth be told if you look on Frog Prince's ipod, I think there are probably only a handful of 'kids' songs so to speak out of the 100 or so songs he has on there.

However, Sheepie is my music lover. He sings all the time. Knows bands and artist, and song titles. He even was excited to find what he believes in a, One Republic concert Tshirt when we were shopping at the DI. I doubt it is, but I'm not going to ruin it for him. If you ask him though he has one musical love that stands above them all. THE BEATLES.

He loves the Beatles as if they'd written every one of their songs just for him. At home he tries to learn their songs on his guitar, he hums them quietly (and not so quietly) to himself constantly, and when he got his hair cut last time, and the lady asked how he wanted it, he replied, "like John Lennon's."

Sooooo.... When I heard that CJane's July first Rooftop concert was going to be an entire show covering the Abbey Road album I knew where we were heading for a date. Abbey road happens to be his favourite of the Beatles albums.

One the way to the concert, since I was down to just one kid, I got my hair cut. Benjamin and I had been talking before I left. I don't colour my hair while pregnant since it won't say, and my black hair was getting very grown out (as you can see from earlier pictures.) So with much trepidation, Sheepie and I stopped and got it chopped before heading to Provo. What made it funny was while the lady was combing all my black hair into the front of my face to cut the back Sheepie commented on how the moppy look of it made me look like a Beatle. The lady was a bit shocked about the knowledge in his comment. I only chuckled knowingly.

The hair cut

on our way to FUN!

Hobbes and he savoured his Trader Joe Jelly Beans from his aunt. He'd saved them for something special since they don't have TJ in Utah.

This is seriously the best picture I could get of him all night. He was making the strangest faces in everything else!

This is my slightly stalkerish fan girl picture. The family at the far end of the stage is none other than the lovely family of NieNie

This is the darling CJane hanging out next to her hubs, back stage. They were finally able to chill once the show got started.

We were able to sit right up on the side of the stage, so Sheepie was able to see and get up to dance. He loved it and really wanted to go back to the next concert, which is this Friday night. Sadly for him, I have date plans with another hot man I know. This one just happens to be much closer to my age, and wearing a ring on his finger I gave him nine years ago.

Perfect way to finish up a perfect night.You can't see us, but I was holding Sheepie on my shoulders right up front, at the left corner of the stage so he could sway his arms and dance/sing along.

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