Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hiking the 'Y'

I've had a recent revelation of sorts and it's a pretty simple one at that. So many people comment in real life as well on Facebook/Internet about how I look like I'm either not pregnant or barely pregnant at all for how far along I am. Well, let me let you in to my secret for why I'm so tiny. Here is the recipe:

Take 4 boys (they must be under the age of 8 for maximum energy)
mix in hours of running around each day
and the dose heavily with insane amounts of hiking, camping, climbing and other super strenuous stuff.

Bake for 2 months in sweltering Utah heat and you get one petite mama.

Seriously though, I think that it's probably not so hard to stay tiny while I'm running around b/c I'd not reached the point where the kid really starts packing on the pounds. Since taking all the recent photos I'm in, I've kind of popped and I even look pregnant now when laying down. lol

But to the main part of this post! Shortly after getting here, we headed back to Provo and hiked the "Y" as they call it. There is a giant Y on the hill not too far from BYU. It's a steep hike up a series of switch backs, and I will admit they were much more daunting to a fatty like me than I expected. So much so that instead of having a date night in Provo post hiking (our sweet old babysitter from Corvallis now lives in Provo and was going to watch the kids) we ended up calling Kendall and seeing if she'd come back to Salt Lake with us so we could both shower and change our clothes. We were not smelling so awesome, if you catch my drift.

You want to talk about a power house though, look no further than this kid. It is a 2.4 mile hike round trip, and the hike is steep. Goob walked for all but probably a fourth of it. He was exhausted when he was finished, and it certainly sealed the deal; before we headed out to Moab we bought him a new hiking pack he could hang out in.

To give you a little feel of the angle of the switch backs. 2.4 miles of that with four small kids. Yup, we train them young.

Almost to the Y.

The view of Provo from almost all the way up.

We've made it.

Goob and I stayed down at the bottom of Y because it was really rocky and steep getting up to the top from the bottom. He and I hung out for a few minutes and then headed back down the trail to where the trail from the top of the Y meets up with the main trail. Daddio and the three older boys climbed up to the top of the Y and then top that trail back.

Afterwards we drove past the Provo temple to show it to the boys. I like to call this one the 'space ship' temple because of it's weird shape.

At home, it was bath time for all before mommy and daddy headed out for a date to the Planetarium and Olive Garden.

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