Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hiking Ensign Peak

The very next weekend after hiking the Y, we decided to head out and see what Ensign Peak was like.

Travelling Froggie, upon first arriving in Utah came out and hiked up there with Mr. C. He wrote a lovely Froggie point of view post about it, that is worth checking out, if you don't normally read his blog.
(Shame he's been kind of off radar since we arrived--like as in he got left in the car for the entire trip to Moab, doah!)

Check his post out here :travelling Froggie goes hiking

This was our test run for Goob's new hiking back pack and from what I hear everyone loves it. I've not carried him in it yet, since I'm pregnant and Mr. C is around, but he said he likes it much better than our old one we sold last year, b/c it actually puts the weight on his hips instead of shoulders. Goob loves it b/c it is actually comfortable and has this nice sun visor he likes to play with.

It was a neat hike, but for those who are thinking of going, just be warned it is VERY windy when you get to the top. Like as in hold your small childs hand, so he doesn't blow off the ridge line windy.

For those who are wondering about what kind of pack we got to carry Goob in, it's a Deuter Kids Comfort baby carrier.

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