Saturday, March 17, 2012

Top o' the morning to ye!

Those sneaky leprechauns were out in full force again this year. Sadly, we still didn't catch one. But this year it seemed there was a leprechaun in training tricking our house because everywhere he went he accidently left some of his gold behind!
They must be very tricky to be able to get up there!

And strong too!

Every year they turn our dishes green, but this year they stacked them too!

"Wee Little Ones: Ye cannot catch us if ye try, but I left ye a few surprises any how. A bit o' luck to ye. Finny O'Shea. Jr. Leprechaun in training."

He seemed to drop some of his gold everywhere he went!

And when we opened the fridge for breakfast, they'd turned our milk green again!

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