Monday, February 23, 2009

Getting back in the game

Well, it still feels like my brain is going to explode every time I move, but today we've managed to get slightly back in the game.

My kitchen and dining room are once more clean, although I still need to mop the floors. I've also spent the entire day doing the mound of laundry that has piled while we've been sick. Sadly, I still have the baby's clothes to tackle but that load seems to multiply just by looking at it. I finally broke down and bought disposable diapers because he's been going through one every hour or so with his stomach bug.

I'll be taking him into the doctors tomorrow, as it's been over a week, solid, since he's had his massive diarrhea. Poor Boy, he doesn't know what's hit him and I am starting to get worried about him staying hydrated.

Lately, I think it might be an act of miraculous intervention if Frog Prince makes it to his next birthday without my killing him. Maybe I am just naive, but I don't know any other five and six year old kids who still colour on the walls/toys/furniture like he does. I know kids go through that phase....but with him it seems like it's a daily event. Saturday night, I had a Stake Camp meeting (I am one of our stakes Camp Directors); I come home and get a phone call from the other nursery leader(my second of three callings) in my ward about how my assistant will not be able to make it to class the next day.

As we are talking I discover a big blue marker swipe across my off white sofa.... not cool but accidents happen. Then I notice Hungry Hippos is out and have all been tattooed.... then I notice the box that our new TV came in (aka the boys fort) has been written all over and has FPs name on it as well.... One by one, as I am talking to my friend, I discover things that before leaving for my meeting were intact and uncoloured, now being covered in blue marker. The line finally was not only crossed, but royally ripped across when I pressed my hand against the leather ottoman we have as a coffee table and it came back with blue all over it. Apparently, he felt the need to colour in all the different panels of leather.... Needless to say, that was the end of my phone call.

Lest you think I am being a drama queen (and okay, I know I am most of the time), let me assure you this is not an isolated occurrence. Those who read my newsletters will remember the green sharpie of yesteryear on the old sofa, as well as the red markers on the wall, the black sharpie and the walls, bed, and clothes, and many other stories. All you have to do is take a slow walk through my house and you can see many places where I have been unable to remove his handy work (like pretty much all of my wooden doors). So yes..... writing tools and I are not the best of friends at the present moment..... thanks for asking.

Well, now I am off to figure out dinner. I mistakenly made what was on my supper calender for lunch today, and I don't want to eat it twice.... Hubby is going to be home in an hour though and he skipped lunch, so I want to make sure dinner is on the table when he gets home.


Betts Family said...

Aw I'm sorry. You know, a few months ago Milo wrote with unwashable pen on a friend's leather WHITE furniture. Nothing took it off except Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I LOVE that thing!! Do you have one?

Allanna said...

Oh. Em. Gosh.

FP's lucky he's got you. I probably would have completely flipped.

Yeah, I try and keep my markers (and most crayons and colored pencils) out of reach. (Pencil? Hey, it comes off of everything with a wet wipe ... as do most crayons we have) ... But, oh, your poor house. I'm so sorry.

Hope that you all are feeling LOTS better. And going through less diapers asap.

Danna said...

Oh my heck girlfriend!!!!! So last week I found out I had a facebook. I must have made one long ago. And you were there. It sparked fun memories of camp. So I thought she must blog!! And yes there you were. If you dont mind I am adding you to my blog!! I heard you had a baby. We hope all is well in K-town!! miss you all there.. Danna