Thursday, February 19, 2009

You think you're funny...but.

Dear Cosmic Universe,

I know you think you're funny, but explain to me where the humour is in my being sick. More over, where is the humour in making pretty much all of my kids sick?

I will give it to you; I could see how you, in your giant cosmic cosmicness would get bored and want to toy with some people, so I'll grant you the little joke of us all getting sinus colds; I'll even give you the ear infection and sinus infection that you decided I needed. However, did you have to do it when I am pregnant and basically unable to get any drugs, short of holding my doctor up at gun point (kidding).

Maybe so.

I draw the line though at this recent blow.... oh yes, you've gone too far now and I will not forget it. To give the baby a stomach bug was bad enough-- moms love listening to their kids cry every time they poop-- but then to give it to me as well... Have I not thrown up enough in the last three months? Are you really so bored up there that making a pregnant lady puke (and other stuff) for 24 hours while dealing with three kids seems funny to you.

So thanks... thanks for the renewed relationship you've fostered between me and my toilet. Thank you for the mound of diapers I have gone though in 48 hours (I hope Mother Earth gets you for each one.) Thanks for my diet of 7-Up and crackers while my kids sat in front of me and ate the 30 boxes of Girl Scout we got today. But mostly, I want to thank you for completely wasted days and the trash heap that my house looks like.

Maybe if you're so bored, you can come down here and do a load of dishes or two. Just sayin'

(( and no, my kids didn't eat all 30 boxes that's just how many we bought from my niece))


Betts Family said...

Oh my goodness! I hope you were feeling better today. Thanks again for transporing Lilly. :)

Allanna said...

Get better ASAP!!

And, yeah, that Cosmic Universe has quite the ... singular... sense of humor. Skanky ho that it is.

Jed, Jen, Brock said...

Hey woman!!! I don't know if you remember me but this is Jen Skidmore (also known as Sister Van Dam) your little family is so cute!! That's exciting that your working on number four and you have all boys!!! I have one!! Aren't they the best.