Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Samples, Samples, Samples

Alright boys and girls,

I know we all love samples. Why? Because they are free, and nothing beats free. I have to say I have recently fallen in love with samples and special offers because they enable me to get things that I'd otherwise not spent my money on. I am like all the rest of you. Plus, I am curious I like to try things, and like it even better when I don't have to pay to try them.

So I though I'd share some of the recent free trails/samples I've found. << here is a no strings attached two year subscription to PARENTS magazine.... got to love it. << a couple free issues of Family Circle... also great. I feel in love with this mag of the summer when I got a friends issues while she was out of the country. << free sample of the new Tide total care laundry soap... love free everyday products << free sample of Benefiber... any lady who's ever had a baby knows fiber is our friend... and I personally love this stuff because you really can't taste it. << free maybellen New York foundation.... free make up equals goodness. << Free Viva Papertowls.... hey they're free! << free sample of the new Always Infinity panty liner... Okay, ladies you've seen the tv commercials, and you know you've all wondered what makes this one SO special... well know you can find out without having to stand in the girly aisle at the store contemplating if you want to spend the money on the new fancy stuff.... << get one of their new entrees free.... and you know all their food is good to start with, so it's a win win deal. << free books and DVDs.... this one takes a little work, but you still get free stuff. BOOOOOOOOKs! << sign up for free coupons for free food.... so far I've enjoyed free Medium curly fries and two free tacos. More stuff to come. << LOTS of free stuff.

Enjoy.... maybe this will become a regular posting... when I find more free goodies I will post them. And you guys can always share yours as well.


Betts Family said...

Thank you for posting these! Awesome!

nicole said...

awesome! i LOVE samples and trials! woohoo! thanks for sharing! i had no idea had a free sample section!

Allanna said...

Hey, free is my all-time favorite price!