Wednesday, December 30, 2009

When it rains

It pours...

Tonight was one of those nights where 8 pm couldn't roll around fast enough. Let's not sugar coat it, even the best of us parents have such nights, so there is no sense in not calling it as it goes.

Frog prince was a wonderful, amazingly well behaved boy tonight and I could kiss him a million times for it, because his little brothers really could have been sold to a roaming pack of gypsies tonight, and I'd probably have told them that they could have had the lot of them for 50% off. So thank you Frog Prince, for making mommy's life just a smidgen easier.

Twinkle toes was starving, and couldn't seem to get enough to eat regardless of how much he was fed. We even tried to give him some avocado but he didn't want it so he just sat and cried... and cried.... and cried some more. I finally just changed him and put him down to bed, since he was going to cry one way or another... He had his shots yesterday, so I can't blame him too much, but man he was on a roll tonight.

Sheepie refused to finish his supper, and was told he couldn't get up from the table until he plate was clean. So he sat, and sat, and sat some more. Finally, he did have to get up though because he had to help FP clean their room before FP headed off to bed. He wasn't about to get a free ride on the cleaning by not eating supper. But that was like pulling teeth and I'm still convinced that had FP not been in there, all of Sheepies new toys would belong to me. After the room was done it was back to the table, where he continued to denounce his avocados and chips (what's wrong with the kid)!

Mean while, it's time to get Boy ready for bed, so we head into his room. Now, for those of you who have never had the pleasure of seeing Boys room, it more often than not looks like a tornado went through it. I pick it up about three times a day, and don't much mind, except that I really like it to be picked up before bed so that I don't break my foot, should I have to go in in the dark during the night. As we're picking up I think that it's probably a good time to pull all the decorations and stuff out of his room to pack up, since I had a few more boxes that were still needing stuff to fill them. Well, first he decides that instead of staying on his bed, and reading his books he is going to slip out of the room every time I turn my back to set things in the hall way. This happened about five times. Finally, he realises I'm taking all the stuff out of his bedroom and he begins to get really panicky and starts sobbing... Mean mommy after all is making his room barren sans bassinet, bed and changing table. So he's now hysterical because his room no longer looks like his room and I want him to sleep there. It took a while to get him to go to bed.

After that, I go to tuck in FP and he is on the floor trying to sort out the pieces to about five different 25 piece puzzles that go into this puzzle book he got for Christmas... Quickly I put all the puzzles together ( I can put together about 300 puzzle pieces in about five minutes, for the record) and then tuck him in.

And then comes the real shining moment of mother hood for me.... Sheepie at the table still. I come back out and he still has touched nothing.... I have more packing to do and don't want him up all night, so I tell him to open up and I start putting the food in myself... He chews one bite and then starts gagging like it's toxic waste. I tell him to swallow, and then I put in another bite. Now he's actually producing throw up in his mouth from the first bite. He's warned that if he makes himself throw up he will be punished, and that he had better stop straight away. He continues to force himself to throw up, so I haul him up and to the bathroom (I really don't need him puking on my floors) and on the way he forces himself to throw up all over the hall carpet.

Now, there is this vicious romour going around that I'm super mommy; anyone who would have witnessed what came next in tonight's little episode would be able to dispel that rumour straight out of the shoot... I'm sad to say I dropped him in front of the toilet, threw a towel at him and told him to clean himself up (I quickly went to scrub up the salsa, nacho, guacamole vomit from where it was sitting next to all my imported Peter Rabbit nursery decor in the hall) and then I had him come out into the living room. At this point I was SO mad at him the only thing I could think to do was make him do push ups. I'd already cleaned up his mess. His dinner was in the trash, and it was either me screaming at him, or him doing push for me until I could breath again..... Did you know that a four year old can actually do about 20 push ups? I know the number sounds terrible but he does almost that many in karate anyway, so it's not like it was hard for him. But like I said, I doubt I will be winning any parenting awards for this one.

Sooooo. My house is now quiet... (and empty; all my furniture is in storage), my husband is helping some friends parents move into their new house, and I am torn between showering, playing some video games, or packing.....with only two weeks until we need to be out of our house, packing really should win, but I think I need to play a video game or two to unwind.

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Anonymous said...

eek! sounds like an eating disorder in the works with that one! nothing like force-feeding some simple carbs! lol. hope tomorrow's better!