Thursday, August 12, 2010

Boy, oh Boy, I love this kid

When the summer started I had a little toddler still running around my house, but now. WOW, talk about a full blown little preschool boy. Boy has just shot up into a little kid and I am left wondering where my ickle guy went.

 Anyone want to guess when this post is done, who my son is in love with?

The dynamic duo goes many many places with this cow boy. Boy is enjoying his first day in his new big kid, Toy Story booster seat.

A modern day Cowboys horse. This kid is itching for the day that Mom and Dad will let him ride on the motorcycle.

It's hard to believe this kid already has such a definitive style to his life but he does. If you have met him, you understand when I say, the kid  is all about his foot wear, and isnt' complete with out some classic "Chucks"... Here he is though rockin' his new kicks... they're not his classic black, but they are awesome.

I'm happy to report that we are doing amazingly well with potty training, and he should thankfully, be ready for preschool in the fall. *crossing my finger*

Who could not love this kid!

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