Thursday, August 12, 2010

Brushing off the dust.... Frog Prince Style.

 I know... I know,  I haven't posted anything here in ages. It's turned into one of those things where I waited so long I almost dreaded doing it again. But here we go. Lots to catch up on.

Mostly, I'm just going to just post pictures with some captions. Our camera is broken at the moment, so everything is off my cell phone. Great, eh?

Lots of cool stuff has been happening in the world of Frog Prince!

Frog Prince and his best friend at their Kindergarten end of the year program. Like his bald, bald head?

Dress up has been a huge part of his life right now... Here he is sporting the Bowser Kuppa costume I made for Mr. C a few years back.... got to love that darling face.

See that shiny new orange belt? Yup, my son now has an orange belt and we couldn't be prouder. He really had to work for this one, and learn a few hard fought lessons to get it. Very very proud of him. Keep up the good work Kid!

Do you notice what's missing from this picture? Where did the training wheels go? He can now ride a two wheeler.  I was bound and determined that he would by the end of the summer. We took the training wheels off, and I asked him to show me how well he could balance and he managed to go a bit of the way up the drive way. Both of us quite amazed, I took him out into the field where there was a bit of a hill, set him at the top and pushed him down. He took off and never looked back.

And the last big adventure of the summer has been loosing another tooth, but sadly I don't have a picture. He lost his top right front tooth. I always thought that kids who talked with a toothless lisp were a joke but I can barely understand him now. It's hilarious!

In a few weeks he starts first grade. I can hardly believe it!

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