Monday, August 16, 2010

(Don't be fouled by this cute picture, in this story they were gross looking)

You would think being a grown adult and studying Biology I wouldn't be as girly and squeamish around dead animals as I am, would you. But man would you be wrong, and the two drown mice I found in Abbeys water bowl did more than enough to prove that. I was going into the kitchen to find Goob and looked down to see if he'd messed up the dogs food and water bowls; instead I was greeted with two dead mice and all their little mouse poop floating in the water (I washed Goobs hands lots and pray her didn't touch them!) I squeaked like a girl, grabbed my baby and ran to the next room. I mean, really, what was that for exactly; it's not like they were going to come back to life as little zombie mice and attack me. Finally, after calling my husband and dithering over it for several minutes, I manned up. Donning my rain boots, an apron, and rubber gloves I picked up the whole bowl and high tailed it for the outside trash, where I dumped the contents unceremoniously and ran back into the house to plunge the bowl into waiting soapy water.

Here is hoping this takes care of my field mouse problem because I don't think I can take doing that on a regular basis.

But here is the real question....

Was my dog one who was finally smart enough to catch these little guys and for some reason dumped them in her water bowl of all place, or did I just witness some crazy ill fated little mousy love/suicide pact....I guess we'll never know.


Amber Jessica said...

I am not afraid of mice, in fact at one point in my life I had two adult mice and eleven baby ones equaling 13 pet mice in my posession. HOWEVER, I firmly believe that DEAD ANYTHING is the man's job to take care of.

Allanna said...

I don't mind mice .... but they don't belong in my house. (Well, unless they're paying rent and utilities. Haven't had any takers on that yet. :P)

Dead mice? GROSS.

I'm proud of you for handling it so well. Go you!

Let's hope there aren't anymore mice that feel the need to grace your dog's dish. Ew.