Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Music in my bones

I'm  not really sure why, but I've always been drawn to music. It's an essential part of my being and when I'm in need of feeling out who I am in this world, or lost in how to explain myself, I can always find the answers in music. It is in many regards my primary language.

I love all kinds of music; the richness and diversity of it is like magic in my mind. The many types having so much to offer and give to each other; building an even greater magic in exploring each other. Each one opening a window into understand and a different view of how things are and ought to be.  I love it all...

But when I close my eyes and think about my music, the internal soundtrack that runs through my mind and soul, it is always the same sounds, the same expressions. One that, one day, I want to be able to capture on my own. When I close my eyes at the end of the day and imagine what my own music will sound like someday, this is what I hear.

I love Sarah Samples voice. And maybe someday I'll be able to play the guitar that well too.

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Aubri said...

OMG! I love that song! Her voice is... I don't have a word. It simply is! :-)