Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Magical Mondays

~ It didn't rain!

~ Boy sat up for 15 minutes straight; without falling.

~ My spinach quiche was amazingly good! (I'm having more for breakfast this morning.)

~ Family Home Evening was perfect.
Frog Prince conducted the meeting for the first time.
Sheepie 'played' the piano for us during the songs.
I decided to use my new nursery manual to do the lesson and it went GREAT.
The kids kept coming up with one activity after another.

~ Where we were in the scriptures that night actually talked perfectly about what our FHE lesson covered; without trying.


As a side note, does it seem normal for my son, who is only a CTR5 to have spoken three times already in Primary this year? We have a decent sized junior Primary, but he just came home with another slip saying he has to give a talk next Sunday.

I mean, yes, FP does rock. He can stand up there and deliver his own talk, which he wrote by himself, ( I can sit in the back and watch) at only 4 years old...but 4 talks in a year seems like it'd be a lot. Maybe I just don't know how primary works.

Either way, FP you are a rock star... and give the best talks in junior primary!


Allanna said...

Maybe all the other parents are saying "no" to the Primary Presidency (and Secretary)? (That was Michael's suggestion.)

But 4 talks/year DOES seem excessive. I mean, I gripe enough about doing ONE each year.

Aubri said...

He is a rockstar.