Monday, November 17, 2008

Thoughts on motherhood Part One

The other day I was sitting down to write out my newsletter for my family. It seemed to morph into my recent thoughts on motherhood and my children. It's not like it was anything amazing but I thought I would share them anyway. Sorry if you happen to get my newsletter and this is a repeat. Also, it might read a bit strange since when I originally wrote it, I used the kids real names.

Lately, I have found myself reflecting heavily on my life as a mother. Frog Prince is only a few weeks away from turning five years old. I hardly seems to me that the time has flown by this quickly. My niece just celebrated her birthday, and my sister in law was commenting in her blog that even though, as parent, we love all of our children, there is just something about that eldest child that tugs at your heart strings in a special way. I couldn't agree more.

Frog Prince has always been my special boy; he is the child that made me a mother. He is the 'experimental child' -- as we are often experimenting new ideas of parenting on him. He is the eldest child, and has always taken his job as the 'protector' of his brothers very seriously. Over the last five years he has blossomed into such a vibrant little man full of compassion; giggles; spunk; endless amounts of energy, and the AMAZING imagination to match. He's giving, helpful, shockingly mature and insightful for his age; and has an insatiable desire to learn and know everything!

Already, at his young age he has such a strong testimony of the Saviour's love for him, personally. He is endlessly forgiving to me when I am short with him, or as I bumble my way through keeping up with his daily life. Yesterday, he told me that his favourite part of each day was getting to hug me. Thank you F.P.-- that's my favourite part of the day, too!

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