Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This much I know

*Nothing tastes better than a birthday truffle from a friend.

*Autumn will always be my favourite season.

* No matter how mad I am at Frog Prince, my heart will always hurt when his little froggie is missing.

* When a best friend is lost it's a mother's job to drop everything she's doing until he can be safely restored to his little boys arms.

* We all must choose our own paths.

*Nothing saddens me more than to see the empty hole where a stone is missing from my wedding ring.

*Doing dishes always makes me happy.

*I would be rich if I could make a candle that smelt like freshly baked bread.

*My bedroom will never be clean.
         *All we need is....

1 comment:

Allanna said...

Now I have The Beatles in my head.

... Not a bad thing. ^_^