Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Honouring the Prince

Okay, so I know I am almost exactly a month late getting around to celebrating Frog Prince's birthday, but I figured it was better to be late than never say anything about it. 

As you've noticed I've changed my background to something appropriate, and I would like to declare to the world how amazing my big, grown up five year old is.

Five years flew by so quickly, and I can't imagine what I will do when another five have gone.

It is one of my goals for this week to sit down and recount his birth story here, since I've never written it down anywhere (one of the many many goals--including the great toy purge of 2009 )

For now, I leave you with a little video I put together of FP over the years. We like to document the kids lives with tonnes of video and photos and then make them into DVDs... this is just a smaller clip from on that ended up being about twenty minutes.

So I know it's late but....


** I might pull this down later today quickly and reupload it. it seems that in the upload the music kind of got splotchy a few times. If it's down when you read this, it will be back later.

1 comment:

Allanna said...

Darling. Completely darling.

Of course, with such a sweet boy, how could it turn out any other way? ^_^