Friday, January 23, 2009

Sheepie makes breakfast

The other day Sheepie made the other kids and I a lovely breakfast of whole wheat blue berry pancakes, organic vanilla yoghurt with sliced pears, bacon and pear juice. It was delicious....

As you can see, Boy greatly enjoyed his brother's cooking... and this is a fairly clean shot of him.
The breakfast got such great reviews, Hubby worked from home the next day, so he could get in on the breakfast action. Sheepies menu that day... Steel cut oats with freshly chopped apples, whole wheat waffles, bacon, and popcorn.

Last week as school, the kids had theme days all week. Friday was 'Wacky Day' so the boys put together these little outfits to wear. Frog Prince sported froggie jammies, a Lightning McQueen wetsuit, an apron for a cape, and the cap and leg guards to his knight outfit.

Sheepie can be seen sporting a set of jammies, with athletic shorts and his suit coat over top along with mismatch knee highs, a blue blankie cape and Nemo hat.
Both of their clothing lines will be available at the 2009 Fashion Week.

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Allanna said...

Sheepy REALLY does love that hat, huh?

And, good for you, getting them cooking this early. Think I can get my kidlets to bake me some cookies?