Friday, January 9, 2009

Today was the day....

Today FP went in for his five year check up.... I've never seen a kid who was as big a weenie when it comes to shots as that boy.... he needs to go to an optomologist... and have his eyes looked at a bit closer, but otherwise he was great.. right now he, having just finished cleaning up the toys in the family room is zooming around the hard flooring in the dining room on his bike Santa brought him.

Boy also went for his 9 month check up and is healthy as an ox... he had been sick this last week with a flu bug that was going around so he had a ranging (like I've never seen a rash this bad, even working with bed ridden medical patients--okay maybe I've seen some in those cases) diaper rash; it is slowly clearing up, but the doc said it was a mix of a fungal/bacterial/diaper rash and as such will take three different creams to clean it up. With his darling face though, you'd never know how unhappy his nether regions have been.

Sheepie was kind of in the background today, but was sweet as can be about it. He had an accident last night and so kind of had a rough start to this morning when he woke up cold and soaking wet... but he quickly recovered and later in the day suggested to m e that 'maybe he shouldn't wear his favourite jammies to bed tonight just in case it happens again,' that way he'd still have them to wear to their Primary PJ's & Pancakes party tomorrow at church. That's using some forethought, Sheepie. It seems the last couple of days he's mostly just lived over at their little activity table. Nana bought him a playdough kit for Christmas that had lots of eyes, arms, legs, and various other things that you could stick into lumps of clay (think Mr. Potato Head meets Playdough). It's been really fun to see all the different things he's come up with, and it was even better when Wednesday he came home from school and had announced that they'd made more playdough.

By way of adventures for me in the last twenty four hours..... last night I went to fed the dogs who were outside and it quickly turned into a disaster. I need to set the scene by saying that we'd spent about 5 hours on New Years Eve/New Years cleaning our carpets and they look great.... So back to last night... I open the door ,set out their food, and think I've closed the door all the way. Apparently not... Spyder (devil animal that she is) had got into a pool of paint in the garage that spilled and hasn't dried yet because it's been too cold. (when it was so cold the can popped open from freezing) and bursts in the door, paws now blue with paint and runs full speed through the house, across the clean carpet and finally crawls on top of a sleeping Sheepie, getting blue paw prints all over his clothes, Hobbesies and Frog Princes new quilt, and woolen pea coat. There were other casualties--- like my bathrobe and a pair of Boys pants -- but those were minor in comparison. I, frankly, never care of that dog steps foot in my house again, and seriously think, if I could find her a good home, I'd get rid of her in a heart beat.... Sheepie's dog or not. I did manage to scrub most of it out of the carpets-- I can still tell where all the spots are--Hobbesies, and the coat.... but Sheepies shirt is a total loss, and the verdict is still out as to if I can get it out of the quilt....

Today I got all of my dishes sans a load that will consist of a couple really big pots and pans done... which means that if my hubby will unload the dishwasher when he gets home all the dishes should be done by tonight and I can get most of the laundry folded tomorrow when I clean the house.

I think I might have also broken a bone in my foot today. We cleaned out our utility/cleaning supply closet the other night and have a bunch of stuff (like pieces to the boys cribs for when they convert into beds) leaning against the wall... I pulled open a nearby cupboard to put away some stuff and it somehow brought the whole slew of heavy metal and wooden objects down on the exact same spot on my foot.... Lets just say it's a good thing Kate's trained herself not to swear because otherwise I'd have sounded like a sailor in a slop house....

That's about it for The Mighty C's... we're all just waiting for Hubby to get home from work now so we can have supper and play a new game we got from my sister in law for Christmas.

Here are some recent 'fun in the snow' pictures:


Betts Family said...

Oh my goodness...what a day. I really appreciate you taking Lilly along - I hope she was as good as she said she was, in light of the crazy string of events preceding! I cannot believe about the paint. It's like a scene from a sitcom or something. :O I hope your foot is not broken, and feels better soon! p.s. those picures are sooooo cute

Allanna said...

Great Odin's RAVEN! (And I know that I would have let a few choice words be sent flying. But you are a stronger woman than I.)

Wow, though. And good on you, getting caught up with dishes and laundry (You should see Mt. FoldMe in our bedroom. *sigh*).

But, oh, I think I would have cheerfully STRANGLED that dog. Wow. I'm SO sorry.

Stephanie said...

Wow! I have been away a long time!! Sorry, I'm terrible about checking in. Thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving words of encouragement! I'm in a major blog rut and I'm trying to pull myself out.
I'll talk to you soon though!