Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mission Accomplished

The room is clean and nearly toy free (okay there are still way more than I'd like, but it's better). Besides as my friend said, ' it seems like this happens about every 4 months with you'. So maybe in a few months there will be even fewer toys.
The old kids room is clean, Boys room is clean, the laundry is almost done (except for the stuff in our room) and the rest of the house is clean. I just need to haul the toys we are saving back out to the garage, and then sort through and post all the stuff we're selling on ebay... then I can start: our room!!!!
It was our goal to have the whole house cleaned by this weekend. Even though it looks like our room blew up, we may still yet meet that goal. Cross your fingers!


Allanna said...

Good luck!!

Truth be told, our room hasn't been fully clean since, like, THANKSGIVING. So don't feel too bad.

And don't judge me! :P

Megan Zimmerman said...

Yay!! Kate it looks absolutely awesome! I can't believe how big your boys are. Hey, I am in C-town for the week, we should get together.

The Boys Club plus a girl! said...

Looks fantastic, Katie!!! This should make your life much easier!!!!